We were approached by Race Service to build an iPad based AR experience around the iconic 1970s Porsche 935 Race Car.

The Porsche 935 was a race car which dominated international racing in the late ‘70s. The 935X project takes inspiration from the original 935 race cars and layers visual artistic elements of modernism, wrapped in a sense of retro-futurism. 

The car was infused with modern engineering by Bisimoto Engineering and was hand painted by Ornamental Conifer.

The owner, Rod Chong, came to 1RIC to bring the car to life in the digital dimension for its debut at the SEMA Auto Show 2019.

Jack D. Gerrard from 1RIC worked with Rod to build a three dimensional digital world using elements of Ornamental Confiers paint job.

The project launched at the SEMA Auto Show 2019 to great audience interest and engagement, bringing hundreds of visitors to the AEM intakes both where it was featured.

The car is seen racing in a straight line in an abstract, geometric cityscape inspired by 70s retro wave aesthetic and german electronic music. Tunnels, bridges and cityscapes form a dark, glowing visual scape. The virtual double of the car can seamlessly be placed over the physical car using AR.


SEMA Auto Show 2019
Augmented Reality on iPad
Client: Race Service

Creative Direction: Rod Chong
Lead Developer: Jack D. Gerrard
Bisimoto — Ornamental Conifer

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